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The common practice of giving out corporate gifts may not seem like much but it can actually do wonders in improving a business’s relationship with their clients and employees.

Whether you run a small or a big business does not matter. Sending out an email, making a phone call or giving them a thank you card is just the first step to show your appreciation especially to your preferred clients. If you want to make your clients and business contacts feel valued because of their relationship with you, then go ahead and send them a special gift with your company logo in it. That extra gesture is guaranteed to go a long way and you might even be able to get way ahead of the competition because of it.

But, of course, let’s not forget what our dear employees do for the company. Aren’t they the ones who help keep the business running as smoothly and efficiently as possible? It is very important for any business to make sure that they take good care not just of the people who pay for their products and services but also of the people who take care of the customers. Indirectly, employees are the ones who bring in money to the company. And, a small but much appreciated way to express your gratitude and appreciation to them is to send out these useful corporate gifts for employees to help boost their morale and give them a sense of belongingness.

What does Corporate Gifts Singapore / Door Gift Singapore do?


Sending out corporate gifts, whether to clients or employees, is no trivial matter. Nobody wants to receive a cheap-looking present that gets damaged or broken after the first use. If you truly want to establish a meaningful and long-term relationship with your recipients, you need to make sure that the items you send out to them are presentable and can make them feel truly valued.

At Corporate Gifts Singapore, we understand every business’s need to maintain good client and employee relations but also stay on the budget. We help out businesses make sure that they choose the right products to the people they intend to give it, in order to get the results that they want. Plain and simple.

We can even work on your set budget and make decisions from there. Just take a look at our wide array of items that are not just cute and presentable but also very useful. We want to make sure that companies are able to create and maintain good business relationships but without them being on the losing end, money-wise.

Why use Corporate Gifts Singapore / Door Gift Singapore products and services?

We offer a wide range of products that you can choose from so that no matter whom your recipient or what your business may be, you have something to give that goes in line with your brand and with what your clients like.

Our products come in all sorts: apparels, caps, towels, bags, desktop items, leather products, magnets and pens, plush toys, stationery, travel gifts, umbrellas, IT gifts and even wine. You no longer have to look any further – whatever you need, we most likely have it in our stock.

Once you have chosen the perfect gift for your intended recipients, you can go ahead and customize it with your choice of color, design and print. You can add in a quote along with your business logo and name and other important contact details. You can even go ahead and put in your name if you like and use our items as your alternative business card. Wouldn’t it be awesome if a potential client remembers you every time they pull out their pen to write something? Effortless marketing, right?

Who needs corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts are perfect for businesses, big and small, who want to make their clients and employees feel appreciated and loved – but without having to sacrifice a huge chunk of your budget.

These gifts are definitely much cheaper compared to giving monetary incentives. Don’t worry; it certainly does not mean that the relationship you are trying to create is cheap. We make sure that the corporate gifts we give out to your recipients are of high quality and are what they truly need. You can order these items in bulk, customize them with your logo and add some of your brand’s personality – and we will give them to you at a much cheaper price. That’s definitely a win-win, correct?

Why do you need corporate gifts?

There are many reasons why you need to send out corporate gifts.

As the saying goes, “It is better to give than to receive” – and this is exactly why you might to seriously consider giving something to your preferred clients. Customize your gifts and you do not only maintain a good professional relationship with them but also create a friendly and approachable demeanor.

Another reason to give out corporate gifts is because you want your brand to stand out from the rest. Competition can get really tough and if you want to make sure that you are the first name your client blurts out for a particular service then you have to be creative. These types of gifts are a unique, inexpensive and effortless way to market yourself. Give them something they constantly need, put your logo in it and they will be reminded of your brand every single time – yes, even something as simple as a pen or a USB stick can already do wonders.

Corporate gifting is also a great reminder to yourself and your business contacts that your relationship – and communication – does not end with the signing of the contract or fulfillment of an invoice. It goes way beyond that. Staying constantly in touch helps keep the communication lines open which can then help open up new opportunities and partnerships in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Make everyone feel special and important and give them what they truly want. Look no further... 

Contact Corporate Gifts Singapore right now and get all your corporate gift needs from us!